Hi everyone!

My name is Steph, I've been running BottledUpCreations since 2011 and I have met some great people and hope to do so again as I branch out and have my own webpage :)

I do customs all the time so don't be shy to ask! You can view my Facebook page and check out all the custom items I've created for past customers, here is the link :)
I come from a family of four, I being the oldest and only girl. I'm blessed to have a great mom who's always encouraged me and pushed me to follow my dreams working in arts. I live with my fiance who is often my second eye and critique of my work, especially when it comes to his beloved vintage cartoons :P
I believe that making something by hand is more rewarding for me than to just go out and buy something that is mass produced, which is why all the things you will find in my shop were all made from scratch, it all started out as a lump of clay. Handmade things have character to them, a reflection of the artist's tastes and personality.

I have had( and still do!) the great pleasure of getting to know my customers and their special stories, from wanting to send one of my pieces to a secret crush, a bride- to -be looking for that special piece to go with her dress, to someone looking to cheer up their heartbroken friend.
I put a lot of time and effort into all my pieces just as if I was making them for myself, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product :)

~Steph :)

Ways to contact me are:

~via this website using the contact me form
~by phone 1-613-410-6363
~through my facebook page at www.facebook.com/bottledupcreations